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Popping wheelies. Living life.
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  • Grains, Leaks

    The grains that devices sit on can go unnoticed.

    There are far too many beautiful things in the world.

    Is what I’m leaking out in the end worth it?

    Is what I do meaningful like the years are to grains in wood?

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    Storm Lined Up

    Lines and clouds have a soft spot in my heart.

    I cherish moments where I can relish such neat spontaneous art in the sky mixing with geometry below.

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    Box Up

    With new things rolling,

    And new days coming,

    Life is changing,

    And times are escaping.

    People move off,

    And others move in.

    Relationships are kindled.

    Devices can connect.

    Now, to open.

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    Crossing The Lines

    Going past the places where people have stopped.

    Beyond the lines of knowledge.

    Past the point of exploration.

    There is a need to step out.

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    Take the thought and speak it.

    Speak it so everyone can hear.

    Let the whole world know by shouting from the rooftops.

    Do not stay silent when the thought comes.

    Cherish it.

    Make it apparent.

    It will be an “apparently.”

    Apparently, life is full of surprises.

    Apparently, life can be amazing.

    Apparently, it is possible to be vulnerable.


    What’s your “apparently?”

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